Train broadcasting device UPV-300
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Train broadcasting device UPV-300

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An UPV provides along the full length of a train:
- information and entertainment program translation from magnetic recordings of МК and МР3/CD types. It is made with the help of two built-in automatic radio-cassette players with the following characteristics:
- fixed tuning of stations in the ranges FM1/FM2 87.5 - 108 MHz, FM3 65 - 74 MHz and in a bandwidth of LW 144 -279 kHz, MW 522 - 1620 kHz;
- automatic frequency adjustment;
- automatic reverse;
- control unit illumination in the “night design” mode;
- LCD-display with a clock;
- electronic adjustment of volume, balance, basses;
- automatic and manual search, memorisation of stations;
- autoloading МР3/CD-player; CD-R/CD-RW-antishock; Intro/Scan/Repeat functions;
- removable control board;
- voice transmission through a microphone;
- light indication of radio cassette player operating modes and indication of device operation in the line;
- simultaneous operation of one radio cassette player and transmission from the other;
- universal time control with the help of an integrated clock module;
- fine sound adjustment.

Performance attributes:
Storage battery or generator power supply - 40 -140 V
Maximal output power - 500 W
Rated output voltage - 30 V
Reproducible bandwidth - 125-12500 Hz
Overall dimensions - 480х220х400 mm
Mass - 15 kg maximum

An ICEpower 500 A power amplifier made in Germany is used in УПВ-з00, it provides a high stability of device operation, has four degrees of overload, voltage swing and short circuit protection in power circuits and a transmission line with the output power up to 500 W.


8519811000 - - - - - sound reproducer for broadcast relaying

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