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1.1 Autoinformer AI-1 (hereinafter referred to as “product”) serves as an analog signal source for amplifying intercommunicators (UPKU) manufactured by PbJtStCo (OAO) “BRTP” and other similar equipment.


1.2. With the help of UPKU the product delivers audible messages to a passenger compartment of diesel-multiple unit trains. There is also a possibility to transmit various information to a display unit in the passenger compartment of diesel-multiple unit trains. Communication is performed by CAN interface.




2.1 Product specification:


- Direct supply voltage band: 8 … 60 V.

Steam Generator PGG “PULSAR-2” (PGG-2)

Steam Generator PGG “PULSAR-2” (PGG-2)



1. Intended Purpose

1.1. PGG-2 is intended for production of steam-gas high-temperature mixture composed of water steam and pure products of atmospheric pressure combustion.

1.1.1. This mixture can be used for thermomoist curing of concrete products in pit steam-curing chambers.

1.1.2. With development of additional design documents and PGG-2 binding to specific operating conditions the Customer can also use this steam-gas mixture for straw steaming in agriculture and fuel oil tank steaming in railway transport.

2.  Brief Specification of PGG-2

 2.1. Heat power

95 kW

2.2. Fuel type

diesel fuel GOST305-82

2.2.1. Fuel pressure

up to 1,0 MPa

2.2.2. Liquid fuel consumption

3 … 9 kg/h

2.3. Steam-gas mixture:


2.3.1. Consumption

about 330 m³/h

2.3.2. Pressure

10 … 50 Pa

2.3.3. Temperature

200 … 350°C

2.3.4. Relative humidity

80 … 100%

2.5. Installed electric power

1,4 kW

2.6. Emitted noise with a noise insulation system taken into account

85 … 90 dB

2.7. Overall Dimensions:


- length -

1770 mm;

- width -

1010 mm;

- height -

1310 mm.

2.8. Weight

up to 650 kg

2.9. Volume of a pit steam curing chamber for thermomoist curing of concrete products


70 … 90 m³

2.9.1. Manufacturing temperature in the steam curing chamber


2.9.2. Time of heating to the temperature 80°C

3 hours



1. If PGG-2 is located at the top of the pit steam curing chamber, it is necessary by agreement with the Supplier to install an additional gas flue with an elbow and a parallel portion with diameter of no less than 320-350 mm made of steel 1,5-2 mm thick, in order to warm up the lower concrete products placed at the bottom of the chamber. The distance from the lower bearing face of the gas flue parallel portion to the chamber bottom is about 800 mm.

2. The above specifications are subject to improvement by agreement with the Customer.

3. PGG-2 should be placed in production facilities of “G” and “D” category or in the open polygons. The facilities should have a supply-and-exhaust ventilation or aeration.

4. PGG-2 Main Components

4.1. Intermittent burning chamber (hereinafter referred to as KPG-2).

4.2. Water bath and muffler casing.

4.3. Air injection assembly.

4.3.1. Air-delivery system for KPG-2 startup.

4.3.2. Fuel tank.

4.3.3. Compensating bowl.

4.3.4. Muffler pipe.

4.3.5. Fuel supply system.

4.3.6. Electric cabinet.

4.3.7. PGG-2 control system with automation ensuring its operating safety.

4.3.8. Water bath cover.

4.3.9. Muffler cover.

5. Principle of PGG-2 operation.

5.1. Service water out of the water supply network enters the compensating bowl, then through a hose it goes to the water bath casing in which the intermittent burning chamber is.

5.2. The following substances come to the KPG-2 ignition chamber: liquid fuel through a spray gun; air through an aerodynamic valve. At PGG-2 startup the high voltage is supplied to the electrical candle from the high-voltage transformer.

5.2.1. Owing to this a fuel combustion procedure in KPG-2 is going on in the intermittent mode.

5.2.2. As a result of high temperature of KPG-2 walls the water in PGG-2 casing gets hot, begins to boil and a wet saturated steam is generated which accumulates above the water surface. Fuel combustion products with high temperature come to the same volume through a KPG-2 resonance tube.

5.2.3. A steam-gas mixture is formed in the space above the water in the PGG-2 casing and comes to an active object through a discharge nozzle.

6. PGG-2 Advantages

6.1. High fuel combustion efficiency in KPG-2: 0,98 minimum; no fuel underburnings.

6.2. Utilisation of service mains water without its special treatment.

6.3. KPG-2 inner surfaces self-cleaning of salt deposits through vibrations.

6.4. Small overall dimensions and weight of PGG-2; a possibility of its quick reinstallation, transportability, moderate power consumption, low pressure of the steam-gas mixture.




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