Main Lines of Company’s Activity:
  • cold pressing;
  • thermal treatment;
  • foundry;
  • production, upgrading and repair of computers;
  • production of sewing goods.
Sewing good

Sewing goods:


- bed linen 1 5 and 2 bedroom (family kit, euro kit)

- sheets (sizes 214х145, 214х150, 214х157, 214х180, 214х180) 

- duvet covers (sizes 215х143, 215х147, 215х153, 215х175, 205х220)

- pillowcase (sizes 40х60, 50х70, 60х60, 65х65, 70х70,75х75, 80х80) 

- handkerchiefs

- kitchen sets

- tablecloths

 For tailoring use natural fabrics (calico, cotton, x/Finance) different colors of Belarusian and Russian production.

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