Main Lines of Company’s Activity:
  • cold pressing;
  • thermal treatment;
  • foundry;
  • production, upgrading and repair of computers;
  • production of sewing goods.
Production of consumer goods

- electric hot plates, 
- electric heaters, 
- consumer loudspeakers

Electric hot plates 

Electric hot plates are designed for cooking food in domestic conditions.
- reliable, handy and easy in operation;
- light signalling of an electric burner switched-on position;
- 5-position power switch allows to operate a hot plate in a required mode;
- a body is painted with high-quality enamels which provide corrosion mechanical resistance, hygienic safety;
- the colour of the body – by request of a customer;
- warranty period - 2 years;
- service life – 5 years.

Electric heaters

 An electric heater is designed for medical treatment in domestic conditions, indispensable for heating of poorly and non-heated summer cottages, in garden plots, when ceasing to heat in city flats.
Perfect production engineering consisting in application of an in-built heat regulation system provides a constant product reheat temperature and excludes a possibility of overheating.
Режимы работы:
• working heating
• rapid warming-up
The heat time of the thermal element surface to the working temperature in the second mode is 10 minutes maximum.
The appearance of the heater meets the requirements of aesthetics. A high-test coarse calico of various colours is used for sewing.
Warranty period: 1 year.

Consumer loudspeakers

A consumer loudspeaker is designed for reproduction of low-frequency transmissions in the wire broadcasting system.
A loudspeaker is produced in two versions:
- plugged directly into a radio socket;
- connected with a radio socket through a power cord.

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