Main Lines of Company’s Activity:
  • cold pressing;
  • thermal treatment;
  • foundry;
  • production, upgrading and repair of computers;
  • production of sewing goods.
Production of industrial production goods
  • Button switches
  • Transport loudspeaker TGU "Efir-3"
  • Train broadcasting device
  • Amplifying Intercom Coupler for Trains

Button switches

Button switches PKn-12 (with fixation) and PKn-13 (without fixation) make up the bulk of that sub-group of products. Those switches are used in production of gas-stoves: PKn-13 for electric kindling, and PKn-12 for oven illumination. In 2006 the button TUP (temperature regulator with a safety device) was developed which is also used in gas-stoves.

Transport loudspeaker TGU "Efir-3"

A TGU provides:
- semiautomatic announcement of stop names in a preset route;
- automatic announcement of additional messages (including advertisements);
- driver microphone signal multiplication

Performance attributes:
Supply voltage - 27 V
Terminal amplifier output power at load resistance 4 Ω - 10 W minimum
Terminal amplifier distortion coefficient over the range (0,1-0,4) kHz - 3% maximum
Microphone input sensitivity – not worse than 8 Mv
Storage device capacity - 256 Mb and more
Guarantee dimensions, mm - 90х195х65 maximum
Mass - 1,5 kg maximum

Train broadcasting device

An UPV provides along the full length of a train:
- information and entertainment program translation from magnetic recordings of МК and МР3/CD types. It is made with the help of two built-in automatic radio-cassette players with the following characteristics:
- fixed tuning of stations in the ranges FM1/FM2 87.5 - 108 MHz, FM3 65 - 74 MHz and in a bandwidth of LW 144 -279 kHz, MW 522 - 1620 kHz;
- automatic frequency adjustment;
- automatic reverse;
- control unit illumination in the “night design” mode;
- LCD-display with a clock;
- electronic adjustment of volume, balance, basses;
- automatic and manual search, memorisation of stations;
- autoloading МР3/CD-player; CD-R/CD-RW-antishock; Intro/Scan/Repeat functions;
- removable control board;
- voice transmission through a microphone;
- light indication of radio cassette player operating modes and indication of device operation in the line;
- simultaneous operation of one radio cassette player and transmission from the other;
- universal time control with the help of an integrated clock module;
- fine sound adjustment. 

Amplifying Intercom Coupler for Trains

The device is intended for:

transfer of engine operator’s voice messages to diesel and electric train passengers;

safety communication of passengers with the engine operator via “Police” board;

communication between engine operators of head and rear-end cars;

connection of “Priz 1” or similar fire alarm communication system.


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