Main Lines of Company’s Activity:
  • cold pressing;
  • thermal treatment;
  • foundry;
  • production, upgrading and repair of computers;
  • production of sewing goods.

You are welcome to the official site of Public Joint Stock Company (OAO) “Brest Radio Technical Plant”!

The history of our plant begins in 1988. The most important basic production techniques of consumer goods and industrial

purpose goods have been mastered and are functioning at our plant: mechanical processing work (mechanical processing of parts on numerically controlled machines, profile grinding, deep drawing on double-action presses, multi-point pressing, thermal treatment, thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic casting),assembly work (assembly processes: income inspection of electric parameters and characteristics of radio-frequency components and IC chips according to the specification, print circuit board wiring (automatic and manual soldering), coiling of  transformers, throttles, coils etc.), production of personal computers and computer systems, sewing section

The plant activity is focused on satisfaction of customers needs, development and manufacture of new products with regard to the buyers wishes and plant capability.

Industrial Purpose Goods

Consumer Goods

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