Main Lines of Company’s Activity:
  • cold pressing;
  • thermal treatment;
  • foundry;
  • production, upgrading and repair of computers;
  • production of sewing goods.
About Plant
PJSC “Brest Radio Technical Plant”
The Company was founded in compliance with the order of the Ministry of Radio Industry of the USSR No.45 of 20.01.88 in a body of Brest Production Amalgamation of computer aids and formerly affiliated to Brest Electromechanical Concern (BEMC).  By Minister of Industry order No.140 of  09.07.97  OAO “BRTP”  got detached from BEMC. The Company constitutor is the Ministry for administration of state property and privatization of the Republic of Belarus. The main purpose of OAO “BRTP” foundation is economic activity aimed at profit earning.
Brest Radio Technical Plant was designed as an enterprise for manufacture of special-purpose equipment and in the course of construction was twice re-profiled to new lines of special-purpose equipment. In 1992 the plant’s construction was stopped and its re-profiling to consumer goods and technical-purpose goods began.
In 1997 Brest Radio Technical Plant was transformed into a public joint stock company on the basis of order No.46 of 20.03.97 of Brest regional committee “Oblimushchestvo”.
The Company has a full complex of plant services which ensure successive operation of the mainline production, they are: tool making, mechanical repair work, electric energy generation. There is also a transportation system, a building repair service, raw materials, component part and finished products delivery services.
The Company has mastered and applies the most important basic technologies for production of consumer goods and technical-purpose goods:
mechanical processing work (mechanical processing of parts on numerically controlled machines, profile grinding, deep drawing on double-action presses, multipoint pressing work, thermal treatment, casting of thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic parts),
assembly work (assembly work processes: income inspection of  electric radio elements and integrated circuits by electric parameters and characteristics according to Specification, printed circuit board wiring (automatic and manual soldering), transformer, throttle, coil etc. coiling),
production of personal computers and computer systems,
sewing division.
The Company has a number of plant services supporting the mainline production. The tool making workers have mastered the following technologies: procurement, mechanical processing work on numerically controlled machines, coordinate processing, profile grinding, thermal treatment. The Company has mastered and applies the up-to-date technologies of current and major repairs of equipment, reconstruction of worn-out spare parts and manufacture of new ones.
The Company operation is oriented to satisfaction of consumers’ needs, development and output of new products with an allowance for the buyers’ wishes, with that end in view the sales and marketing department carries out routine on-line analyses of principal markets and company competitors. On the basis of the theoretical evidence a demand for various products is determined, a possibility of their production is analysed with an allowance for the Company potential.
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